Medical and Life Insurance for Foreigners Living in Japan
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VIVAVIDA! is an affordable and reliable medical and life insurance for foreigners/expats in Japan. With our utmost aim to provide a safety net for foreigners at a minimum cost.


VIVAMED EX-16 is a convenient medical & life insurance for foreigners coming to Japan with period of stay of up to 16 days only.

Foreign Student Comprehensive Insurance

It is expected that more foreign students will come to Japan. VIVA VIDA, with the aim to provide safety net to the foreign students, offers newly improved, necessary and sufficient insurance plans at a very reasonable cost.

Welcome to VIVA VIDA!

VIVAVIDA! is Health and Medical Insurance for Foreigners in Japan. In order for foreigners to enjoy safe and comfortable life in Japan, we provide plans of medical security, life security, and emergency security with reasonable cost.

A life insurance plan that covers up to 5 million yen for death due to accident and up to 3 million yen for death due to illness. Medical Insurance covers up to 100%(up to 1.6 million yen) of actual medical fees for illness and injury including hospitalization with an affordable premium. It also has an Emergency Plan which covers the cost to call a family from the home country in an emergency situation. It also covers the cost to treat or transport the deceased or insured person`s body.

Japan offers numerous public health insurance plans through its National Health Insurance, Social Insurance and other systems, however those plans are often combined with pension plans and nursing insurance policies which they will not be able to receive as they will not be staying permanently, and moreover, are too expensive for people who are temporarily residing in Japan. Therefore, the reality is, not many non-Japanese are enrolled in these public health insurance plans. In the circumstances, VIVAVIDA! is willing to play the role of safety net for healthcare for foreigners living in Japan. We would like to ask foreigners living in Japan to understand that medical expenses are usually very costly in this country, that certain economic resources are needed to continue living in Japan, and that the utilization and support of a health insurance is a reasonable safeguard. We hope you will consider our insurance policy as a measure of precaution for a secure and comfortable stay here in Japan.

VIVAVIDA! gives support services in Japanese, English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Chinese. Please feel free to contact us now. (Free dial 0120-656-684)


  • 2015年11月2日 New Insurance Plan

    As of November 2015, we are introducing a new plan that’s ideal for tourists! Our insurance plans have already been popular among short-term residents and tourists, thus gaining many subscriptions. For more details, please click here.

  • 2013年12月1日 Credit Card Payment Available

    As of December 1, 2013, credit card payment is available via online application.

  • 2013年7月1日 E-Policy Available

    As of July 1, 2013, e-policy is already available in our website for policyholders to view/print insurance policy certificate. To access, click here.

  • 2013年3月29日 Medical Insurance Benefit

    March 29, 2013, Effective April 01, 2013, the medical insurance benefit maximum amount for annual plans will be 1,600,000 JPY in accordance with the amendment of the Insurance Business Act.

  • 2012年7月16日 New Web Function

    July 16, 2012
    We provided a new web function for the policy holder to view/print terms and conditions of your insurance policy. To access, click here.

  • 2012年3月5日 VIVAVIDA CEO Was Awarded

    March 5, 2012
    VIVAVIDA CEO Shigeo Noguchi, was awarded the Grand Cross Prize of the Order of the Southern Cross by the Brazilian government. We would like to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation for your continued patronage with us. For more…

  • 2012年1月27日 Medical Institutions

    January 27, 2012, Attention Regarding Medical Institutions

    We have updated information under “For Policyholders”. Please check for more details

  • 2011年9月5日 Site Renewal

    September 5, 2011, Our web sites in Japanese and English were renewed.

  • 2011年3月1日 Foreign Craft Interns Insurance

    March 1, 2011, “Foreign Craft Interns Insurance” is now available

    We are now providing a new insurance plan for foreign craft interns. The plan is based on voices raised by foreign craft interns only had to use our generic insurance plans according to the institutional change made in July 2010. Please give us a call for details. 0120-656-684

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Medical and Life Insurance for Foreigners Living in Japan
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